Patty Queen

To Whom It May Concern, Sumac Development won the bid to build our guesthouse. Their presentation was detailed and reasonable providing a realistic bid. They brought up many items that we needed to consider or to be aware of in determining a realistic budget and time frame.

The professionalism of all their sub contractors was admirable. Everyone was pleasant, timely and neat. Their concern for a beautiful finished product was successful. Sumac did a wonderful job overseeing every aspect while providing updates and concerns. We were always apprised of any changes, suggestions or concerns during the construction. The bid they provided was very accurate as was their timeline. The only change to the budget or time frame was due to our changes but there were few. Their follow up, after construction, was punctual and professional.

Without hesitation, my husband and I would recommend Sumac for any construction, large or small. We would be happy to show our wonderful guesthouse to anyone interested in seeing their quality work. We would also be pleased to answer any questions you may have concerning their fine work.

-Patty Queen (Mrs. John Queen)

John T. Blakely

P.O. Box 1886
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Sumac Development Company

In 2006, we purchased our home in Rancho Santa Fe. The home was tewnty years old, and needed extensive renovation and repair. After interviewing several contractors, we hired Sumac Development Company to perform this work for us on a cost plus basis. During the course of renovation, we repeatedly expanded the scope pf the work, and in the final analysis, we essentially rebuilt the entire home.

We are thrilled by the work performed by Sumac Development Company. Our home is beautiful, and the quality of work performed by Sumac exceeded our expectations. Dan Giebelman was our job superintendent, and he was always available to answer our questions and respond to our suggestions. Each month we received a detailed bill from Sumac for labor performed and materials provided, and it was never necessary for us to question the billings.

During most of the construction of our home, we were out-of-state in our residence in Naples, Florida. Nevertheless, we were confident that our work was progressing as planned. Whenever Dan had questions about the work to be performed, he would email us digital photos or videos that explained the question and enabled us to provide answers as if we were standing on the site with Dan.

We cannot overstate how much we enjoyed working with Dan and how much we are now enjoying our “new” home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Dan or Sumac Development Company.

John and Pam Blakely

Steven Harris Architects LLP
50 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007
212 587 1108

15 March 2015

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a project architect in a New York based architectural firm. I have been involved in many high end residential projects and have worked with dozens of contractors.  Working with contractors is not always easy. And working with them long distance can be a pain. But our recently completed project in San Diego built by Sumac Development was pure pleasure. From their attention to industry standard procedures, to their coordination of technicians and artisans and to the final touch-ups their focus was clear – do the job right, keep everyone informed, leave no detail undone.

Tommy Lee White, Project Architect
Steven Harris Architects LLP
New York, New York

Lee and Michelle Vann

The restoration of a historical property requires a certain level of expertise and craftsmanship to preserve its integrity. Sumac did an excellent job with the remodel of our historic home originally build in 1936 through meticulous project planning, excellent on-site supervision led by Daniel Giebelman, and proactive management of their subcontractors. This led to the delivery of a finished product that exceeded our expectations, was on time and on budget. Moreover, the entire Sumac team was a true pleasure to work with and have continued to be available and accessible to us for ongoing work on our historic home. We confidently recommend them to anyone looking for contractor who is skilled at their job, is easy to work and delivers what they promise on time and budget.

Lee and Michelle Vann, San Diego

Deanna Bittker

RE: Sumac Developmemt

We found our dream home in Del Mar, California–but, we were living 2500 miles away in New York. There was work to be done. The renovation was going to be a challenge. And then a friend recommended Sumac Development. The initial meeting with Dan and Keith Geibelman gave us confidence that the job would be done the way we wanted. They have years of experience and understood our needs very quickly.

After our New York designer developed the plans, Sumac executed those plans to perfection. When there were issues that were unclear, Dan sent me videos so that I could see what needed to be resolved. We emailed and spoke constantly. He was always available to answer any of my questions, and he didn’t hesitate to get more information if he was in the least bit uncertain.

The Sumac tradesmen are artisans. They are the most professional I have ever worked with. They take such pride in the work they do, and they do the best work you could possibly ask for.

We made only one trip out from New York to check on the work. We were delighted to see how well the job was progressing. In a short time thereafter, we were living in that dream home.

-Deanna Bittker

David and Ellen Loretta

I am very pleased to recommend Sumac Development, as first class professionals of the highest integrity. Their work as contractors in remodeling our home in Carmel Valley was excellent in all aspects and we were very satisfied with their work ethic, punctuality, and adaptability. We had a variety of projects [including putting in an entire new bathroom] done over the span of 6 months and it was all done on budget and on time. They have top quality workmen and their outsourcing, where needed, was to outstanding professionals. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
David and Ellen Loretta

Jerry Hicks

I am more than happy to recommend Sumac Development and Stuart and Keith Giebelman. One of my first legal clients was Stuart Giebelman , and at his request I helped him incorporate Sumac Development in 1977. Through the years of representing Sumac Development, I was always impressed with Stuart’s drive for excellence, his personal integrity and his goal of gathering current information on a computer to keep construction projects on course, and on an agreed financial track. I later became acquainted with his brother Keith, and was equally impressed with his skills and good character.
Later, in 2009, I had the opportunity to hire Sumac Development for a major remodeling project of a home I owned in the University City section of San Diego. As a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I would not have considered such a project in San Diego without the services and qualifications of Dan, Stuart and Keith. Together they stood by my side, albeit via telephone and email, and together no problem or unexpected situation was unduly stressful or without a successful outcome. My University City home is now the personal residence of my son and my two grandsons, and they truly enjoy daily the successful efforts of Dan, Keith and Stuart. The home is a complete success, and I enjoy visiting my son and grandsons and enjoying a home that Sumac Development recreated for me. If you would like to contact me, my name is Jerry Bl Hicks and I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jerry Hicks

Richard Carlson

Dear Stuart and Keith
Sumac Development

I would like to thank you for a job well done on my extensive remodel. This was a large project including foundation upgrades, new sewer system, all new mechanical and complete reconstruction of 6200 square feet of floor space. Since the job was time and materials, getting bids was almost impossible.

Your in-house labor was hard working and polite. You have assembled a good group of employees. I was pleased with your ability to staff the job based on demand. I remember a day when 18 people were on the job. My view was your labor rates were at or below the industry. Where you did not have in-house expertise, you were able to present me with alternatives for skilled labor like plumbers, HVAC, and electricians. These tradesman were first class and did a great job. I was most pleased with your foundation work which was done by your employees. One of your supervisors, Fred, was outstanding in every respect.

The contract process was seamless and very fair. I felt I had a handshake agreement that superseded anything in writing. When we changed certain items, you worked with me. When I needed sub contractors, you seemed to have very qualified and job tested people. I had no construction defects after construction. Overall the job came in under budget and was done in a timely matter. I would give you very high marks for integrity, expertise and timeliness. You were gentlemen with which to deal.

I have recommended you to others as a general contractor and will continue to do so. The fact that you are prospering in this difficult economic time says something about your company.

Richard Carlson

Mary Van Anda

Sumac Development built our first home in Rancho Santa Fe 14 years ago.  When we wanted to move closer to the Village, we again called on Sumac for a major remodel and addition to an existing home. In both instances we received quality work at reasonable cost, and have been very pleased with the results. It was always a pleasure to work with Stuart, his staff, and supporting subs.

Mary Van Anda